Failure is not an option! or is it?

I believe the answer to the impact of failure is personal. I mean some would just crumble at the sign of failure. Sure you could do that but what many people have found is that failure is not an option. Failure in its pure sense of the word is inevitable. As negative as failure sounds it just proves that we are all human. If you never fail, then I say you aren’t attempting anything that would challenge you or enable you to grow. You can look at it this way, the more you fail the more you learn about life and yourself.

While we are not out to fail in our attempts, it is vital in the process of achieving anything worthwhile. I myself have had countless setbacks. My goal of completing a half marathon in  2hours or less has eluded me. So what I am trying to say is failure is not a final sentence, its just a setback. Its time to reassess, regroup and try again. You never know what is birthed out of failure. Whenever my training runs don’t give the desired faster time or longer endurance, I just use it as another chance to change up my efforts. Never give up and keep pushing forward!


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