Chicago Runner From Potential Church

My story is a very unique one in that is too long to describe in a single blog, but one testimony i can share is how i went from 334lbs and 48% body fat in 2012 to 182lbs and 18% body fat in 2015. My story is a man trying to find peace, and during that time of my life, everyday was a mental battle over food and depression. I have gone thru many trials in life during this time and I started to run in addition to eating well reading the bible and praying to the lord. Though the challenges i faced were many and still will be more to come, I found peace pray while running and surrendering my worries to god. It just takes daily dedication, to the lord and your health and you will notice not only a change in your physical but your spiritual walk as well.  Agim (Jimmy) Jusufi


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